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Do your pay frameworks align to your people’s needs?

Is your staff turnover growing and you are unsure why?

Generation XYZ need differing approaches to attraction and retention.

Most companies spend a lot of time ensuring that their pay aligns to the market in order to attract and retain their talent- which is critical- but is it enough to only consider aligning to the market.

Understanding your key staff’s non-financial needs is important for their long term performance, and commitment to your business. Using our proven Behavioural Analytics Talent Solutions process, BATS, Turning Point HR Solutions can help you and your key staff create an engaging and highly productive working environment.

Visionary companies also factor in consideration of Maslows Hierarchy of needs:


The basic needs such as food and water, security needs- feeling secure in their job, social needs including the feeling of belonging- of being appreciated and esteem needs are those of status, achievement and responsibility.

This proven psychological and physiological approach to reward ensures a far greater level of engagement from your most critical assets…. your people.

If your company is losing talent and you are paying current salary levels, then maybe you need to talk with us?

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