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“Gender Pay Gap” rules recently published in draft form, suggest that employers at companies over 250 staff who do not publish their salaries could face legal consequences.
The gender pay gap rules come into place on 6th April 2017 and companies will have 12 months to publish their information in the most publicly accessible method, and must remain on your website for at least 3 years.


Failure to do so already implies non-compliance, and the Equality & Human Rights Commission is empowered to enforce this action as it will be seen as an unlawful act.
Women often work in industries where the salaries are lower than in roles dominated by men. Yet women have always played a vital role in employment and economic growth. In order for Society to grow both socially and economically, we need their skills and talent. However, this is not shown in their salaries and positions in the job market.


Prospective candidates will be looking at how you demonstrate your equality? The impact of the gender pay gap reporting will be felt as prospective talent reviews each prospective employer. Reputations can be tarnished and future recruitment could be hampered.
Business in the Community, BITC, surveyed over 1000 employees and found that 92% said they would use the pay gap reporting information to help them choose a future employer.

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Will you be the Employer of choice?
With April 2017 looming ever closer, have you begun collating the data?
Do you have the structure in place to collate the information required?
Leaders in HR should already know how their work force appears and have an idea of the pay gaps present. Achievable goals need to be set with diversity set as a business issue that needs to be embedded in senior management.
Systematic change is required and HR must drive the change to a company’s culture, and support their company in creating an environment where skills are at the fore front not gender.

Once published, your company will need to look at implementing an action plan to help reduce any gender pay gaps.
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