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global shaking handsDon’t let your business get left behind.

If you are not up to date on the latest legislation, the financial repercussions for your business could be vast. Lengthy court cases and financial damage are sometimes easily overcome, but would your business’s reputation recover?

What can you do to prevent a breach of Equality?

Make sure you have read through our information letter ‘Equality – How does your business measure up?’. This highlights some key points you must make sure your business is adhering to.

Stay informed and up to date with the Act, as there are occasionally new regulations added. You cannot claim ignorance.
Use a Job Evaluation System

If you are using an analytical, points based job evaluation system and your company is brought before to Civil Court, the judge will use it in your favour.

Job evaluation is ‘a method of determining on a systematic basis the relative importance of a number of different jobs’.

Ensure you have up-to-date job descriptions ready for each of your roles.

Remember, it is your business that will be held liable if your processes are not reviewed on a yearly basis.

What will happen if your business fails to comply with the Act?

If your business is brought before the Civil Courts, you will need proof that all of your processes are formalised and that you are upholding your responsibility as an employer, providing equal pay and are non-discriminatory.

There have been several cases in the media whereby large corporations have lost cases due to discrimination and equality breaches.

Earlier this year, the coffee giant Starbucks lost a disability discrimination case. This is despite the fact that legislation is vague on dyslexia, a condition that affects one in 10 people.

It goes to show that your business needs to be ahead of the game in Equality.

Here are a few cases which may highlight to you the importance of having everything in place to prove your innocence should you be brought before the civil courts:

Protect your company’s reputation

The latest figures from a recent study by ONS showed “significant gaps based on gross hourly earnings, excluding overtime, for full-time staff.”

These gaps range from 24% for those classed as skilled tradesmen and women, to 18% for managers, directors, and senior officials, to 4% for those in sales and customer service occupations. Currently, the gender pay gap for full-time workers stands at 9.4%, while for all occupations it is 19.2%, according to the ONS.” – Personnel Today

 In the last month 20% of the companies we have spoken to are not compliant, are you?

By using our ANALYTICAL, points based Job Evaluation system you will be protecting the reputation of your company, ensuring that you are compliant with current industry standards.

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