Talent Pools

PAHRIS provides an electronic “filing cabinet” of accurate, up-to-date, searchable employee talent data built on a common set of measurements. Talent pools can be accessed by HR Professionals in your organisation with the appropriate permissions. Geographically dispersed managers gain access to information about potential talent no matter where it resides in the organisation.

Our PAHRIS system enables you to gain workforce intelligence from better talent data. Electronic gathering and management of talent data lets you reach deeper into your organisation to mine for employee information. Data is kept current using workflow to drive updates of employee information. This process makes data reusable since it is not trapped in non-searchable paper.  Performance data is built on standardized measurements, allowing for apples-to-apples comparisons of employees.

The system enables you to generate reports, profiles, succession tables and organisational charts using key employee data in the areas of performance, succession and career development. Perform specific searches with a simple and flexible report feature.

Career Journey

Evidence shows that financial reward alone is short lived and even counter productive.

By enabling talented individuals to see thier planned their career journey and how your organisation intends to nurture, support, grow and invest in them, you will drive a far higher sense of belonging and engagement that transends simple financial reward.

Talk to us about creating talent pools and why your organisation needs to be doing it now.