Job and Organisational Evaluation Scheme- JOES ©

JOES© is Turning Point HR Solutions proprietary job evaluation scheme.
The tool has six pre-defined STANDARD factors within it, divided into sub factors. You can use the standard product, as used by hundreds of organisations across the world or we can work in partnership with you to define the descriptors using your own language and ensuring cultural identity.

JOES© allows for a read over into competency frameworks that either already exist or that are to be developed in the future. The tool is easy to use, very transparent and ensures consistency. It has been designed to be ‘owned’ by the organisation, and requires minimal amounts of training.

JOES© is a tool that enables clear read over into grading and pay issues as well as giving clear indicators towards progression through grades.

The system is web based allowing the HR function to keep accurate records of all evaluations. It also enables you to store all the outcomes of the evaluation process, run pay modelling exercises and design pay and grading structures.
JOES© makes appeals panels easier to run as participants can input to the process remotely if required.