Team Expert

The Drake P3 Psychometric system is a precise tool, that gives you, the employers the power to identify specific personality traits and behavioural tendencies in both existing employees and all potential new recruits.

This makes P3 an ideal tool to use when identifying which candidate would naturally be inclined to succeed at any specific job and therefore ideally complements the recruitment and promotion assessment process.

When used to assist selection, once you have hired, Drake P3 is the tool that can be further utilised to build and continually strengthen the success of the team they are joining.
The high-tech P3 toolbox can be used to maximize any team’s effectiveness. The reports in the Team Expert module will steer you through the challenges every new team faces, and enable you to select the right team members to meet those challenges. Proper use of Team Expert will dramatically enhance cooperation and understanding among team members, and make integration of new members both rapid and effective.
Because people differ widely in their individual behaviour choosing the right fit for your organisation can deliver significant financial gain.

Management Expert

The Drake P3 Management Expert gives you the power to maximize your human resources.
Starting with the Communication Profile, you are able to build a more effective workforce, open and enhance your lines of communication, resolve conflict more effectively and motivate your employees to achieve their true potential.
The Management Expert tool provides both Peer to peer and manager to team member profile comparisons.
The ‘manager to staff ‘profile is an excellent tool to improve communication with staff. It identifies the key behavioural tendencies and personality traits, in both the managers and the staff, thereby identifying what influences the way communications, verbal and non-verbal, are delivered and received.
This data can be used to inform Management Development activities supporting communication style adjusts and enabling the successful delivery of future communication.
The Management Expert is an invaluable asset to all business coaching.