What is a Competency Framework? What does the word Competency mean to your organisation? We belive a competency framework provides the following:

  • Allows an organisation to define the key behavioural requirements that are needed and expected from all roles within the organisation
  • Needs to take into account the individuals characteristics, natural abilities and development areas
  • Needs to bring these two factors together to define how they contribute to the Performance of the individual to the role

Competencies can be described as the behaviours employees must use to achieve high levels of performance. Organisations using competency frameworks are providing their employees with a clear indication of the behaviours that will be valued, recognised and potentially rewarded. Competency frameworks can be developed to represent the values and mission of the organisation.

Competency frameworks have applications across a whole range of human resource management activities and according to the CIPD  are now seen as an essential vehicle for achieving organisational performance through focusing and reviewing employees capability and performance. Competency frameworks can underpin performance management systems, inform training needs analysis, support career management and recruitment processes.

Benefits of having a competency framework include:

  • Employees have a set of objectives to work towards and are clear about how they are expected to perform their jobs.
  • The appraisal and recruitment systems are fairer and more open.
  • There is a link between organisational and personal objectives.
  • Processes are measurable and standardised across organisational and geographical boundaries.

There are several factors contributing to the success of competency frameworks:

  • The number and complexity of competencies should be restricted
  • The framework should contain objective definitions and/or examples of each competency
  • The degree of detail – general statements can be subjective and may not provide enough guidance where as if there is too much detail the process becomes excessively bureaucratic and time consuming

We can work with you to develop your competency framework to ensure its successful application across your organisation.

Our Approach

Through research and our experience in the effectiveness of competency frameworks we are aware success often rests on the understanding and ‘buy in’ of line managers and employees. In view of this, there are several steps that we take in the development of competency frameworks in order to achieve motivation, understanding and commitment from line managers and employees.

Involve senior executives in the design of the framework; we would begin by reviewing the competencies within any existing  framework in consultation with senior executives. We would discuss whether to keep the competency names the same and if developing core, leadership and possibly technical competency frameworks may be relevant.

Involve managers and employees in the design of the framework.

Agree the competencies to be included in the competency framework e.g. discuss developing existing competencies or developing core, leadership and potentially technical competencies.

Consultation at this stage can be with HR, senior executives or all employees as required.

Discuss with managers the specific competency behaviours that are relevant for the roles within their team.

Brief employees through communication and consultation to explain the competency approach and the new framework

Hold staff forums to explain objectives of competency framework and how it should be used

Provide information to managers and employees detailing the framework

We would provide a competency framework handbook detailing the competencies and including guidance on its use.

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