At Turning Point, we see driving engagement as absolutely critical to the success of any process, and when it comes to objective setting and monitoring, linked to organisational progression, it simply has to succeed.

PAHRIS© is an employee performance management system that aids organisations in realising their human capital management by aligning employee performance to strategic corporate goals and departmental or team key performance indicators and service level agreements in a very strong, visual fashion

Today, corporate executives are realising that a company’s performance depends on its people, and how they mange that talent is the critical link connecting the two.

Unfortunately, many line managers perceive the appraisal process as a “necessary evil” that is part of the yearly pay increase process instead of the opportunity to identify and develop high potential talent, talent that is critical to the company’s bottom line. One of the biggest challenges of performance management is helping managers make accurate assessments of employees.

Turning Point  understands these challenges and has experience helping companies like yours develop solutions that “raise the bar” on the quality of performance appraisals performed across the organisation and increase the value of your talent data.

With PAHRIS Performance, managers have access to flexible online performance appraisal with coaching in context, your managers create better performance appraisals.

No longer will they have to dig through paperwork to find annual performance reviews. Performance data becomes living documents that can be easily updated through a user-friendly interface and used to identify talent throughout your organisation.

PAHRIS Performance allows you to align individual goals to those of the organisation, helping employees to understand what their contribution is to the overall business goals of the company.

PAHRIS Performance promotes better communication between managers and employees and aligns employee actions with company goals. It turns your appraisal process into a consistently applied measurement of employee performance, and increases the value of your talent data throughout the talent management lifecycle.

Set, Align, & Communicate Your Organisation’s Goals

Align goals for all your teams. View snapshots showing progress against goals for each team and your company as a whole.

Automated Workflow & Notifications

Complete employee performance review cycles on time.  Automated workflows, reminders, intuitive dashboards, and in- context coaching all increase participation among your teams and keep the review process running smoothly and efficiently.

Set, Track & Align Employee Objectives

Create time-driven, measurable objectives to support corporate goals. Your managers can continuously track progress, assess priorities and drive their team towards personal and organisational success.

Manage Skills & Competencies

Build the most effective team by identifying strengths and weaknesses. Create a database of competencies and establish benchmarks for employees to succeed as individuals and as a team.

Reporting & Analysis

Generate reports, profiles, succession tables and organisational charts using key employee data in the areas of performance, succession and career development.

Perform specific searches with a simple and flexible Quick Report feature.

Improved Visibility & Decision Support

Make quick, informed decisions and improve your organisation’s agility.  Performance data is searchable, current, and in a portable format that can be made available to decision makers when they need it.

Electronic Filing Cabinet

PAHRIS Succession provides an electronic “filing cabinet” of accurate, up-to-date, searchable employee talent data built on a common set of measurements. Talent pools can be accessed by HR Professionals in your organisation with the appropriate permissions. Geographically dispersed managers gain access to information about potential talent no matter where it resides in your organisation.

Succession Planning & Leadership Development

Identify leadership potential and top performers in your organisation. Plan for their growth and promotion with succession timelines and scenarios. Online navigation of organisational charts lets you track incumbents and candidates, including drill-down to CVs, historical pay and performance. Expose positions with multiple candidates in line, or no candidates available to fill.

Employee & Position Profiles

Create online profiles of employees and key positions. Track an employee’s work history, skills, performance, key accomplishments, as well as development plans and future mobility. Keep data up-to-date and searchable.

Organisational Charting

Build detailed organisational views of your company or department with organisational chart templates that include various employee and performance data.

Better Talent Data

Gain workforce intelligence from better talent data. Electronic gathering and management of talent data lets you reach deeper into your organisation to mine for employee information. Data is kept current using workflow to drive updates of employee information. Make data reusable since it is not trapped in non-searchable paper. Performance data is built on standardised measurements, allowing for apples-to-apples comparisons of employees.

Economies of Scale

Capitalise on the scale of your organisation to provide career development and advancement opportunities for your current employees. Increase employee retention by giving employees greater control over their career paths. Rapidly deploy employees to new projects or locations.

Career Planning & Development

Help employees become engaged and active participants in planning their future and the future success of your company. Employees create roadmaps with development report cards along the way to personal success. Determine the activities they should pursue in the future for career growth and align aspirations with current opportunities.

Better Employee Talent Data

PAHRIS Performance promotes standardised measurements of employees – raising the value of all of the company’s talent data.

You’ll get more consistent data about your workforce – a performance grade across units or departments will mean the same thing.

Manager & Employee Dashboards

Gain insight into performance across your organisation. View HR tasks due and links to employee and related HR information.

Prompt managers and employees to complete required performance review actions within a workflow.

Succession On-Demand

PAHRIS On-Demand delivery means a quick implementation, so return on investment is realised sooner, and your total cost of ownership is minimised. With no hardware or software to maintain, and automatic upgrades, you’re always using the latest version without tapping expensive internal IT resources – all with 24/7 uptime, optimum performance and security.