The P3 training is designed for: HR Practitioners, Managers, Team Leaders, Mentors and Coaches, Learning & Development Practitioners.


The basic training covers:

  • How P3 works
  • The feedback process
  • How to maximise the data usage

Modular approach:

Each training module is of 2 hours duration and they can be used individually or separately to develop organisations internal skills.

The modules available are:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Promotions
  • Talent management
  • Team Building (Team Analysis Report – TAR)
  • Projects
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Coaching

Recruitment and selection:

  • Attracting the best talent in the business
  • The development of the job profile
  • Identifying key personality traits & behavioural tendencies for an ideal fit
  • Generate behavioural descriptors for advertising
  • Design specific interview questions
  • How to interview using past behaviours

Talent pool and promotion, a 2 hour session will include:

  • Reduce turnover
  • Role adjustment profile
  • Match for promotion
  • Job profile development
  • Success template to replicate success

Conflict, a 2 hour session will include:

  • Manager to staff profile
  • Peer to Peer
  • Identify behavioural differences
  • How conflict develops – putting the fish on the table
  • How behavioural tendencies influence conflict resolution

Communication, a 2 hour session will include:

  • Learn how to communicate with different personality traits
  • Interaction toolkit
  • Listening skills
  • Personal perception profile
  • How behavioural tendencies influence communication

Team building, a 2 hour session will include:

  • Utilise team communications report
  • Learn how to work in a team with different personality traits
  • Behaviours of team members
  • Team member interaction
  • Dynamics
  • Form, storm, norm, perfrom