How unique can a P3 profile really be?

Even though it takes less than fifteen minutes to complete, computing the P3 profile involves more than 14,000 calculations. Statistically, you would need to create a profile for 226,560 people before an exact duplication would appear. Compare that with most other products, which group people into as few as sixteen standard categories.

Are the P3 assessments considered to be tests that my candidates and staff either pass or fail?

No. There are no right or wrong answers to P3 assessments. P3 opens the door to behaviour and personality, so you can determine how well suited a person is to the challenge you have in mind.

Is the P3 system statistically validated?

Yes. P3 has used statistical research from academic and psychological communities and carefully translated it into computer language. In a recent study of over 800 participants, 96% rated their P3 profile as being over 90% accurate.

Can we reprint profiles and perform searches using P3 systems?

Yes. All information generated is automatically stored in your database to be used in the various P3 modules. You can retrieve and search information at any time.

How long does it take to generate a profile?

Under 10 minutes including both the survey and the computer processing. Other products on the market can take up to 2 hours to administer and a further 2-3 weeks to process information.

How is P3 purchased?

You can have a site license for P3, or you can purchase assessments individually.