Conflict resolution

The Drake P3 Management Expert gives you the power to maximize your human resources.

Starting with the Communication Profile, you are able to build a more effective workforce, open and enhance your lines of communication, resolve conflict more effectively and motivate your employees to achieve their true potential.

The Management Expert tool provides both Peer to peer and manager to team member profile comparisons

Both profiles have proved very beneficial tools to utilise when working towards resolving work related conflict issues and can be an excellent addition to any organisations toolkit for the process of grievances resolution.

The role adjustment profile enables the identification of the gap between the employees profile and those required by the role profile.

This is ideal data to utilise when trying identify and resolve areas of challenge which employees may be facing in their roles.

When developing employee performance improvement programmes, the Management Expert report is a perfect addition to the data used for identifying where there are gaps to address and can be used to inform the key elements for employee focus.