Case study 1

P3 Profiling within CCHA

CCHA, since being established in 1976, now has some 2,600 homes in management, with an extensive and varied portfolio of projects in their future plans, that demonstrate their commitment to diversity of products and customers. A wide ranging network of partnerships with public, private and voluntary sector organisations, has been established to sustain their corporate objectives.

The company decided to use the P3 system to profile every staff member. The project started with the senior management team, with individual and team analysis reports being generated. The individual reports where fed back and a very high degree of engagement was achieved through the accuracy of the reports.

Because each member of the senior management team rated the reports at above 90% accurate, the subsequent team dynamics workshop that the P3 profiles facilitated where very successful in identifying a CCHA trait which further informed the Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing profile of the team.

Subsequent to the success of this initial phase, it was decided to profile every employee and feedback the findings in a series of one to one discussions.

Again the profiles where rated at above 90% accurate and consequently a very high degree of buy in was achieved.

Individuals had the opportunity to understand how they aligned to the four dimensions of Dominance, Extroversion, Patience and Compliance- what that meant in terms of their natural preferences and how much ‘flex’ they were exerting within their work environment. The one to one sessions also touched on how differing traits communicate and relate differently.

These dynamics where then used in a series of team meetings in which the team profiles were shared and used to facilitate how greater economies of communication could be realised. Teams were encouraged to openly discuss how certain current approaches to communication could be taken as being demotivating in their delivery.

CCHA where able to clearly understand their organisational profile and further to develop a SWOT analysis that would be used to inform on boarding decisions and developmental interventions for Executive, Managerial and team members.

CCHA used the outcomes to reconfigure how they communicated at a corporate level to all staff, driving far higher levels of engagement from staff.