Salary benchmarking

We offer three benchmarking services. For those clients seeking a quick indication of where the more common roles in their organisation sit against the market, we produce annual sector specific salary benchmark salaries.

To find out more about our sector specific salary surveys click here

For those clients seeking a tailored benchmarking service for their key roles we offer a bespoke benchmarking service; details of which can be found below.

Ensuring you know market rates for job roles

Critical to attracting and retaining the best is the knowledge of where the market is in respect of your key roles.  Turning Point are able to offer a comprehensive external benchmarking service at both senior executive and operational levels.  It is not enough to ‘best guess’ the suitability of comparator groups and ‘similar roles’ therefore a thorough market review must be completed.

Bespoke Benchmarking The TPHR approach

Our approach is to first of all to understand the organisation in terms of size, geographical reach, markets and short/medium/long term strategy . We will analyse the job content of the posts that require benchmarking in order to gain comprehensive understanding of the roles.  We will talk with you to assess which benefits you require to be benchmarked and to what level you want the data to be delivered.

Once we know who you are, we are then able, working with you, to suggest relevant comparator groups with whom to benchmark.

Our service includes:

  • UK & International
  • Comparator Group Analysis
  • Role Analysis
  • Benchmarking Questionnaire Design
  • On-line Collation of Data
  • Full comparison of roles using Total Pay information including base and specified benefits
  • Market Comparison Reports
  • One off Job Pricing
  • Pay Modelling and Recommendations

Benchmarking that truly reflects your organisational requirements.


Turning Point HR Solutions work with many clients and have developed our own benchmarking software to provide you with the ability to benchmark your own salaries, click here for more information