To ensure that your job evaluation scheme works in practice it needs to be robust, transparent and consistently applied.

Turning Point HR Solutions offer expertise in a variety of analytical job evaluation schemes.

We also offer our proprietary analytical system Job and Organisation Evaluation System (JOES©).

JOES© is an analytical, web-based framework that can be tailored to match the exact culture of your organisation.

JOES© can be linked into your existing competency framework or can be used to underpin a new competency framework.

It includes pay and grading modelling capabilities, appeals process and a variety of exportable reports.

You can also input your current paper based scheme into the web-based data storage facility in JOES© to accommodate various systems including:

Hay, HERA, NJC, GLPC & others.

Our thorough project management / planning service ensures an effective partnership with you and covers the full consultation process, which includes:

  • Union Consultations
  • Communication Strategy
  • Job Family Identification
  • The Evaluation Process
  • The Appeals Process
  • The Rank Order of Roles within your Organisation.

Once this rank order of roles has been agreed, we can work with you to design your:

  • Grading Structures
  • External Benchmarking
  • Pay Progression
  • Organisational Progression
  • Performance Management
  • Internal Training

We can then link the outcomes into training and development and competency frameworks.

Please contact us via our contact page to arrange a free web-based demonstration