Turning Point HR Professional Services

Some customers are happy just to use our software but others want more!  We are happy to consult and ensure effective deployment of our software throughout your organisation.  First we will want to ensure we fully understand what you want to achieve, perhaps in £ savings or in cultural change.  Hopefully your organisation values HR as integral to achieving its business objectives and not just a cost centre!

We will assign consultants who we believe have actual experience of your situation and the improvements you wish to make.  We will listen to your feedback to ensure that our consultants really fit with your culture.  Using our consultants may be particularly helpful in providing equal pay audits or grading structures as they can bring their experience from other organisations.

Please take the time to browse our website and look at the software options and case studies of other work we have done.  Our consultants can help you implement any of these process enhancing solutions.  We would then be very happy to chat through your requirements and provide an easy to understand proposal.

Summary of services

We offer a range of Human Resource Solutions to the UK & EMEA markets and are specialist in GCC & KSA. Our services include: HR Software Solutions, HR Consultancy Services and GCC Recruitment.

Our Licensed Representatives

  • Peter Brauer
    Peter is the Chief Executive Officer of Turning...
  • Damian Winstone
    Damian has 10 years experience of performance management...
  • Jamie Surman
    A reward professional, Jamie’s background is in the...
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    Jo is in charge of our business development...