Career Passports


The greatest challenge employers face today is the motivation, development and retention of their National intake. Our Career Passport is designed to enable organisations to achieve these goals.  Turning Point HR Solutions methodology enables organisations to retain their National intake for the medium term by engaging them into  training and career progression programmes for a minimum of 3 years.

What is a career passport?

The Career Passport methodology enables you to create a two way journey with your key talent, whereby you ensure compliance with Ministry of Labour legislation whilst at the same time delivering genuine career progression, progression that leads to Internationally accredited technical and enabling skill sets that can be used in the medium term within your company and in the longer term by those individuals who attain sufficient ‘stamps’ in their career passports, stamps gained over a structured 3 year training and development regime.

The Career Passport allows your company to align the career development of your staff to your business strategy, an approach that drives staff retention and loyalty.

Under the programme, all training and development of your staff should is prioritised and delivered to create New Leaders for the future.

Why need a career passport?

In today’s’ market place there is a severe lack of available talent, and those that are already skilled move around from employer to employer searching for the best available packages.

The key success factor within the Career Passport programme is to retain your employees within your company for as long as possible, and we can help you to achieve this.

Turning Point HR Solutions can help your Company retain staff by investing in them and developing them aligned to business objectives and personality traits.  We enable you to understand how each person learns and allocate training matched to their natural tendencies.

Everyone has a different method of absorbing knowledge, using scientifically proven behavioural analytics we can ascertain whether a person is a theorist, and therefore requires training to be paper based with lots of exercises, or whether they are a pragmatist, and would prefer a more practical hands on approach to improve their knowledge.

We understand that you cannot ensure every employee stays with your company for life, but we can help with the bond to retain your staff via a strategically, mutually beneficial career path.

Turning Point HR Solutions methodology is underpinned by scientifically proven behavioural analytics, linked to  personality profiling to help your company keep your staff for as long as possible and build leaders for your organisations future.

 How can Turning Point help you achieve this?

Turning Point HR Solutions have a number of services we can offer to deliver this:

  • Recruiting and retaining national talent who can be trained to become technically experienced individuals in a joined up, long term succession plan connecting with employers and delivering accredited training.
  • Designing required technical ability career templates for all key roles across your business to ensure on time, to budget project delivery.
  • The attraction, assessment and recruitment of talent using scientifically proven behavioural analytics and talent systems (BATS)
  • Create viable, long term succession plans within your company, underpinned by vocational training.
  • Ensure that you have an effective and technically capable HR function within your company.

How to begin

Before designing a structured career path, you need to outline the ultimate goal of any developmental training.  That is, what are the required business outcomes of the training?

In the case of Ministry of Labour requirements, GCC Corporates need to have in place a robust process whereby local talent can be employed and developed to fulfil meaningful roles within your company.  This need will be defined by training goals.

The training goals should correspond to a business objective.  This can be specific to an individual employee, work unit, department or the entire organisation.

The ultimate goal of the training should be clearly communicated and kept to the forefront to ensure that the entire needs analysis process keeps the desired outcomes in sight.  It is best for an employer to answer the question: “How will we know that the training worked?

The Key stages are:

Phase 1 – Determine the desired business outcomes

Phase 2 – Training needs analysis

Phase 3 – Linking the desired business outcomes to employee behaviour

Phase 4 – Identify training competencies

Phase 5 – Identify the performance gap

Phase 6 – How do we close the gaps?

Phase 7 – Determining who to train

Phase 8 – Linking to a Succession plan

Phase 9 – Delivering the development plan

What is next?

Turning Point HR Solutions will provide applicable Internationally accredited programmes, and specialist courses delivered to you that will provide:

  • A consistent, best practice, approach to learning and applying this within your country.
  • Programmes to support and promote local Nationals into the workplace.
  • All successful employees with a globally recognised qualification
  • Emerging leaders of the future, within their profession, with both generalist and specialist skills

Delivery of these programmes will be by internationally qualified and experienced professionals who will bring a wealth of expertise from the industry to coach and support learners.  These programmes will be tailored to your specific sector, with generic managerial and leadership modules relevant for all businesses delivered up to the internationally recognised ILM level 7.

Most importantly we ensure hands-on sessions and one to one Tutor Support time between course modules to allow for knowledge sharing and practical application of the learning.  Candidates will be able to work on viable projects related to the training to improve both their performance and, critically, the application of that practice into the world of work.

We pride ourselves in supporting and developing those responsible for the management and development of people within organisations.


For more detailed information or to discuss how we can work together, please contact us.