“..I have been involved with P3 since 2002.  It provides a fabulously accurate suite of on line behavioural assessment tools (and more!) and I would recommend its use for any organisation that is serious about really getting to grips with its recruitment, induction and resource development.  Clearly people must have the right credentials (competence and confidence) to have any chance of performing at a high level but if their basic behaviours are off key they will always undershoot the mark.”

Tom Williams, The Silent Partner


“We actually chose Turning Point as Assessments’ providers and Succession Planning experts. We did not consider others. We decided on P3, 360, and MBTI as one package to provide a comprehensive view into our managers’ current reality. I myself never was a P3 expert, but we heard about it and in fact found it useful in many ways after we were exposed to its findings.”

Yousef Abugosh, Sipchem, Saudi Arabia